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Service Contracts

Monthly Service Plan

We have a terrific service plan that provides pro-active, on-site or remote maintenance. If your firm agrees to commit to a few hours of consulting hours per month, we will give you on-site support at a discounted rate. We will also prepare a customized logbook with a Maintenance Log Schedule of preventative maintenance services we will perform.    

Larger companies that maintain a full-time staff of at least one person in an Information Technology (IT) department see a much larger return for their money than companies that do not. 

Our Solution:

In view of this, our solution is to move our priorities to offering Maintenance Agreements. We feel they offer a compromise between "break-fix" type of support and having a full time staff. Our solution is to have someone on site for a set amount of time on a regular basis. The amount of time spent weekly will depend on each client’s needs. Updates to virus protection programs will be made to ensure the best possible protection against virus attacks.

We include researching new types of software or systems, training employees on software, creating and maintaining company web pages, installing new applications, etc. Clients that utilize the Maintenance Agreements will also have higher priority on quick response to technical emergencies that occur any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

      Network administrators and computer specialists on call.

      Great for company-wide hardware or software upgrades or other large computer projects.

      Service contracts are based on our lowest rates and start at 10 hours per contract.

      Service contracts are focused primarily on customers that require periodic maintenance

      and troubleshooting of hardware and software.