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HITEK Services is a premier security system installation company servicing the midlands area. We provide a wide array of installation services including home and business security systems, surveillance cameras and much more. Focusing primarily on small business & residential installations, HITEK Services is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality installation and unparalleled customer service. Whenever you need professional installation from a highly skilled technician, HITEK Services is your low voltage specialist.

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HITEK Services prides itself on providing top-quality installations of every product we install, whether for your private home or your commercial institution. Our dedication to installing your home and commercial security system right the first time has helped us eliminate service calls and annoying false alarms. With HITEK Services, feel confident with the installation of your home and business security systems, home entertainment systems, surveillance cameras or any other product or service we provide.

HITEK Services is dedicated to providing our customers with professional and highly-skilled technicians who completely understand the installation procedures for the products we service. We use only the most experienced installation technicians to help guarantee that our products are installed right the first time. Regular training helps to ensure our technicians are up to date on the latest technologies.

Personal Service
HITEK Services provides our clients with the personal service they deserve and cannot find anywhere else. In fact, many of our technicians are on a first name basis with the clients they provide installations for. Fortunately, the elimination of service calls means that you may not have a chance to talk to your technician very often. To get more information on the product installation provided by HITEK Services or to receive a quote on installation for your home or business.

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