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Do you have suspicions that you need to have verified?

We offer investigative surveillance, computer monitoring surveillance, home surveillance, office surveillance and many other options for keeping an eye on your family and your business. 

Our private investigator staff specializes in surveillance in and around the Columbia area. We and are highly responsive to our clients needs, although we specialize in providing surveillance services to clients who suspect their partner of cheating, our private investigator staff is experienced in all types of surveillance investigations including domestic (child custody issues, teen activity, suspected abuse, etc.), business (employee integrity, workplace conduct, etc.) and insurance and Worker's Compensation fraud. We understand that investigations involving surveillance are sensitive and we guarantee a discreet and confidential investigation. Our investigators will provide video proof of questionable activities to assist you in taking the appropriate next steps to resolve the issue.

When done correctly, surveillance is one of the most effective tools that an investigator has in their arsenal and is often the cornerstone of many investigations. Surveillance is the practice of covertly monitoring and observing a person, a physical location or a vehicle and documenting those observations for future use through detailed written reports or a variety of technologies including video, still photography, audio recording or GPS tracking. Evidence obtained through surveillance can often provide the airtight and irrefutable evidence needed to prove or disprove a suspicion.

Surveillance is often used for the following types of cases:

      *  Workers Compensation and Insurance Fraud

      *  Embezzlement and Other Frauds

      *  Sexual Harassment and Stalking

      *  Corporate Takeovers

      *  Employee Substance Abuse and Illegal Drug Use

      *  Other Employee Misconduct 

      *  Sick Leave Abuse

      *  Employment Verification


The most important objective in any surveillance is to ensure that object of the investigation is unaware they are being watched. Being discovered in any surveillance can often jeopardize an entire investigation, as the subject of the investigation will often change their behavior. If you do not have the evidence you need at that point, you may not get another opportunity. The second most important objective is to properly document and memorialize any observations that the investigator makes in such a manner that it can be utilized if need be in a court of law or other appropriate venue.

The investigator must also be skilled as a witness to offer testimony to support the evidence obtained during the surveillance.

We will take the time to ensure that our surveillance operations are properly planned and executed to deliver the desired result. We also ensure that our expert investigators will provide the type of testimony needed in court to support our investigations.

The following are the basic forms of surveillance that we will perform for clients. On many occasions, we will use a combination of these tools to uncover the evidence in the best and most cost effective manner:


Physical Surveillance is often conducted by either male or female operates, or sometimes both, that are physically maintaining constant close watch of a subject usually from an observation post, on foot or with a vehicle of some type.


Electronic Surveillance constitutes a number of technologies that include watching a subject from a static covert cameras that is installed to observe a location over time or to record video of a person who is on the go. It can sometimes involve the use of audio recordings as well.

Surveillance Services