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HITEK Services provides professional Computer Forensic services to businesses, non-profit entities, law firms and private individuals throughout the State of South Carolina. We also provide computer forensic analysis of computer hard drives and other memory devices that are shipped to our Computer and Digital Forensics Lab located at our offices in Irmo, South Carolina.

About Computer Forensics
Electronic evidence, or “e-evidence”, can be the smoking gun or the airtight alibi in any civil or criminal case. And an ever-increasing amount of civil, criminal and workplace litigation features the computer forensic investigator as its “star witness.” In the digital age, it is rare to see a case go to trial (or more importantly avoid going to trial) without the help of a computer forensic investigator. Whichever side wins the e-evidence battle usually is the side that prevails in court.

At HITEK Services our experienced computer forensic investigators ensure that valuable e-evidence is properly identified, collected, preserved and analyzed in such a way that it is admissible in court at a later date. HITEK Services assures that e-evidence is always accurately collected according to established rules of evidence and that there is a clear chain of custody from the scene of the crime to the investigator—and ultimately to the court.

HITEK Services treats every computer forensic investigation as if we are certain that our investigator will be testifying in the future about the investigation in a court of law. Our approach ensures that the investigative procedures and reports always withstand the scrutiny of the court and cross-examination by opposing counsel.

HITEK Services provides the following computer and digital forensic services:
Computer Analysis and E-evidence recovery
Imaging of Computer hard drives and other storage devices
Data Recovery
Document Discovery
Password Recovery
Mobile Phone - Device Data Recovery
Litigation Support

We can remove the suspect devices for analysis and data recovery from your location to our in-house Computer and Digital Forensics Lab located at our Irmo offices. We also accept submission through the mail of hard drives or other digital devices for analysis at our Irmo offices.

HITEK Services can also conduct on-site data acquisition and analysis of computers, networks and other digital devices. This acquisition can be scheduled during non-business hours and allows for minimal disruption of your business operations.Type your paragraph here.

Computer Forensic Services