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HITEK Services offers an independent security survey and assessment that is not affiliated with any service provider or vendor that may provide physical security hardware or services.

We conduct security assessments for:

     *     Retailers
     *     Malls
     *     Convenience Stores
     *     Restaurants and bars
     *     Theaters
     *     Strip Centers
     *     Free Standing stores
     *     Gift shops
     *     Outlet Centers

Retail security assessments can cover a lot of ground depending on the size and complexity of the company. We are sensitive to the customer’s shopping experience and store operations when reviewing or designing physical security for retailers.

Whether it is the corner drug store or a major chain with thousands of stores, our analysis will provide vital insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the physical aspects of your loss prevention efforts. We will assist in the development of current and future planning in areas such as:

     *     Burglar/Fire/Robbery Alarms
     *     Emergency Egress
     *     Electronic Article Surveillance
     *     Safes
     *     Door hardware and key systems.
     *     Panic Alarms
     *     Lighting
     *     CCTV 

Aspects of your security program that should be regularly reviewed:

How are you preventing or deterring employee theft?
Lighting:  Do you have the recommended lumens?
Does your alarm have a cellular back up?
Do your employees know how to react during a robbery?
Perimeter physical security:  What considerations are there for fencing and outer doors/windows?
Access control and policies:  Who manages your access control?  How often is it reviewed for accuracy?
Employee Parking: How close do they park to docks and dumpster?
Review of security related equipment:  How old is that VCR (If it is a VCR it’s time to go digital)? Planning on going digital?
Review of periodic auditing efforts:  Do you have a self audit program?
Review of physical layout of internal warehouse to include distribution of CCTV, protection of sensitive cargo, and cross docking methods:  When was the last time the layout was reviewed to ensure protection needs have not changed?
Protection of cargo in transit:  Are you using RFID, GPS, and special seals?

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