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                                     Security and Computer Services


Data Backups & Retrieval

To avoid costly downtime, let HITEK Services provide regularly scheduled maintenance for your computer systems to keep everything running at peak efficiency.


Remote and Offsite Backup Services are also available

Viruses are a concern for every business. Let HITEK Services enable a workstation solution or a network-wide solution to protect your entire system. We are pleased to support the leading anti-virus solution providers: Avast, AVG, Kaspersky, McAfee and Symantec.


Evidence & Case Collection

We provide data retrieval for case evidence for both criminal and civil matters. Our standards follow that of the CCFE (Certified Computer Forensics Engineer) data collection process and can be done either through stealth technology for ongoing case data collecting or onsite examinations.

Evidence and discovery plans are used in domestic disputes, divorce, work related complaints, computer data theft cases, computer hacking, computer data fraud, electronic data transfer and computer data litigations cases.