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Attorney Services

Litigation Support for Attorneys

HITEK Services can be your partner in preparing for litigation or trial. We can locate missing plaintiffs, witnesses, police officers or ambulance workers and take witness statements in support of your case. We can locate and serve subpoenas on difficult to serve persons.

Civil Process
Our legal support division specializes in civil process. We provide prompt, courteous, professional service of civil legal papers in Richland, Lexington and surrounding counties. We are authorized to deliver service of process in South Carolina and in any other jurisdiction by individual motion and order. We offer you experienced services from experienced process servers who give that “extra effort” that makes us so successful in securing delivery for clients. 

Asset Location
We are capable of conducting all types of searches ranging from basic information gathering to the complex inquiries. Investigation may include a search of databases and public records at the county, state and federal level to locate tangible and liquid assets, conveyances, transfers to other parties and witnesses who have knowledge of financial activities.

Due Diligence Investigation
Every business or individual eventually encounters a situation where additional information is needed to make a good decision. Any of our services can be provided to discreetly and professionally help you determine if a business or individual has been truthful in representing their background, history and relationships. We will use our extensive nationwide database capabilities and research specialists to access a vast array of public records and information. Our years of experience and professional contacts allow us to find information and records which may otherwise be overlooked and remain unknown.

Civil Record Searches 
We can search civil records anywhere to locate civil court cases, property ownership, assumed names for business, bankruptcies, liens, judgments and UCCS referenced to the subject. This information can assist you in determining the prior activities and credibility of the claimant.