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HITEK Services Security Cameras and Security systems are top quality and includes everything necessary for your monitoring needs. Our systems are designed and tailored to meet your specific needs from a small home or business to a large corporation. If you're looking for a web based system to monitor while you are away from home or you just want to keep an eye on traffic coming in and out of your location, we have a package for you.

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Computer Services

HITEK Services provides a full selection of IT Administration services for your home or business. Let us protect your information and maintain your system updates, anti-virus and spyware & malware software to insure the best possible protection against outside attacks. With today's hacking attempts this has become a critical time for both individuals and businesses to keep up with the changing technology everyday.

It's important today to protect against wide spread e-mail and social media websites where virus attacks are now prevalent. Software companies release security patches on a regular basis to cover security breaches that could compromise a company's data by simply using a browser on the internet. If not secured your personal identity or company information could be compromised.

HITEK Services provides fast and reliable on-site support services for all your computer and networking needs.

On-site Service and Phone Support
On a per-call or contract plan, we can provide expert on-site service and phone support for any computer, network or cabling problem.

​HITEK SERVICES Private Investigations, Security and Computer Services. We are located in the Columbia South Carolina area. We use the latest technology and old-fashioned thoroughness to obtain results. Our private investigators are licensed by the state of South Carolina and have over 40 years of prior law enforcement experience. We provide timely, comprehensive services in a professional, efficient and ethical manner. We pride ourselves in maintaining strong proven relationships within the professional and corporate communities, as with family and individual clients.

Our specialized services include domestic surveillance, infidelity investigation, fraud, background checks and locating individuals. Corporate insurance fraud and worker's comp investigations are among our strong suits. HITEK SERVICES Security Cameras